Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Is real or fake?

We are not fake. We are not always functional due to a busy schedule, but we are real for sure. We have cracked thousands of facebook passwords for our visitors for free. We do not charge you any money so we are 100% legit.

What do we charge for our hacking service?

Our hacking service is completely free to use. We do not charge for our hacking any password and our facebook hacker is totally free to use. As mentioned earlier, our team is into hacking to polish our programming skills. We are always looking for means to improve our networking talents and this platform provides us a mean to test our services while doing you guys a favor. If you like our services, do refer us to your friends.

What is MD5 Decryption?

Previously at Facebook servers, the passwords were stored in encrypted form. The encryption is known as MD5 encryption. To decrypt the password, we require the services of md5 decryptor. This is now obsolete as facebook doesn't use MD5 anymore.

Can you hack facebook groups and pages using our services?

Unfortunately, we can not help you in hacking facebook groups and pages. However, if you happen to know the person who is running a particular page or group, we can try to hack his account and through his account, you can gain control over the group or page.

How to get the profile ID of victim on PC?

Hack FB Online
How to use our facebook hacker on a desktop device? - Guaranteed 72% success rate!

How to get the profile ID of victim on mobile devices?

Steps to get ID of victim for password cracking
How to use our hacker on a mobile device?

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